Automating the Global Supply Chain using Artificial Intelligence

Experience AI technology transforming the way global supply chain industry operates.

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We are trusted by global supply chain companies

Enabling companies to do more with less using technology

“Expedock has allowed us to expand our operations to handle more business. We’re on track to stop losses of more than half a million dollars as a result of Expedock’s AI Service."

Lance Beresnoy

Lance Beresnoy
VP & Owner
Rose Containerline Inc.

"As a traditional forwarder in Italy, we need to go digital in able to provide a better service to our customers and to reduce all costs."

Alessandra Fremura

Alessandra Fremura
CEO & Owner
Fremura Group

“Expedock gave cost savings and increased our productivity by 30%, not even counting the increase in sales revenue!”

Joey Lim

Joey Lim
MHM Global

We provide an end-to-end AI automation service

Expedock connects physical and digital data sources into one single source of truth.
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Extract data from any source

Expedock can capture data from unstructured data such as PDFs, Emails, Invoices and catch exceptions that should be disputed.

Focus on your customers

Instead of the manual work which your finance and operations teams are doing, your team can focus on making your customers happy.

Increase your productivity

Ensure that all your data is correct by reconciling with real-time information. Pull data from documents or different systems to make sure your bills and other mission critical data is accurate.


Send Documents

Send the documents through an integration or via email.


Extract Any Data

Extract information from documents. 99.5% accuracy guaranteed. No templates required.

Flag Exceptions

Reconcile this data with your existing databases, other documents or 3rd party websites.

Enter Data

Send data directly into your existing TMS or ERP with no effort.

Context-Driven Artificial Intelligence

No templates needed. Expedock has cutting-edge artificial intelligence that improves over time and can process documents never seen before. All data is guaranteed to be 99.5% accurate.

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Powerful reports to answer any question

Expedock empowers your team with presentation-ready intuitive analytics using AI that continuously improves based on real-time data.

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