CNT cuts cost by 80% through AI-Powered Services 


Using a secure and automated freight document process enabled by Expedock Document Nuance Technology TM instead of OCR.

CNT Worldwide Transport, Inc. needed to reduce cost and turnaround time for their documentation. They were spending thousands of dollars on an in-house documentation team that was both inefficient and expensive.








Client Overview

CNT Worldwide Transport, Inc. (CNT) has been providing businesses in the supply chain with support ever since 1991. In the same year, CNT started a three-year streak ranking #1 in the internationally esteemed Journal of Commerce for being the biggest volume Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) with the biggest volume shipped to the U.S.A. from Southeast Asia. 

Its goal was to remove internal process bottlenecks and position the entire organization to continue providing top-notch service, while still being cost-effective.

Its solution is outsourcing the entire documentation process to an Artificial Intelligence enabled Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company like Expedock.

CNT was able to turnover all the
AMS & ISF Fillings, Customs Data Entry, Billings Data Entry, Carrier Bookings and Bills of Lading Generation and Verification to Expedock, thus freeing up hours of work for the organization.

CNT is one of the leading freight forwarders in Southeast Asia, with offices in both the Philippines and China. It handles some of the biggest importers and exporters in the region such as OPPO, Bench and Universal Robina Corporation (URC) to name a few. 


We wanted someone that would scale as we continue to grow our business, and we saw Expedock as the perfect partner to handle all our documentation. Reducing cost and increasing efficiency at the same time was the priority. Enabled with AI, Expedock made all this possible through their mixture of technology and service. 

Bom Chan
Head of Operations, CNT


To ensure that it continues to provide the best service - as efficient and cost-effective as possible - CNT selected Expedock as its outsourcing partner to streamline the documentation process. The goal was to use automated freight document processing, such as Expedock Document Nuance Technology, to streamline the repetitive documentation process. This ensures the most cost-effective and efficient model for the business.

The Return of Investment upon using Expedock

By the Numbers


Increase in margins

CNT increased their profit margins by 66% by cutting down on staff.


Month for ROI

CNT was able to achieve a complete ROI for its pilot in just one month.


Employees Needed

CNT has zero employees doing documentation - able to focus on more value-adding task.


We were able to save as much as $10,000 on staff alone. Most of our operators could focus on revenue-generating work instead of doing redundant work.

Bom Chan
Head of Operations, CNT


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