Customer Visits | June 27, 2022


Our co-founders Jeff Tan and Jig Young visited the Los Angeles of Alisped, an Italian Freight Forwarder specializing in luxury goods.

Daniele, the branch manager, toured our cofounders across different warehouses of Alisped while talking about how we've impacted the lives of his freight operators.

He said that when they come in, the first thing they open up is Cargowise, Outlook, and Expedock. It's exciting to hear Expedock as a brand name equivalent to legacy systems!

Expedock has given back time to his operators to focus on responding to customers, scheduling deliveries, ensuring billing is correct, and collecting on time.

In the visit, Daniele asked to go beyond our automation products so that he can see how his branch is performing.

"Freight and luxury goods are recession proof" and we're excited to ride the cycles of the economy with Alisped for decades to come!

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Some of our freight operators are overworked from the amount of data entry and rote work on their desk. With Expedock, they now cry tears of joy when they see Expedock process a 38 page commercial invoice at 99.97% accuracy.
Pam Berry
VP Import Operations, Mallory
We’re not hiring 100 people, we’re using Expedock to turn our superstar team of freight and brokerage operators into superhumans who can focus on customer service and revenue.
Terry Maready
Chief Information Officer, Mallory
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