Customer Visits | June 25, 2022

Ascent Group

Our founders King Alandy Dy, Jeff Tan, and Jig Young drove to Nashville from Memphis after their flight was canceled to make it in time to meet one of our earliest partners & believers, Sara Ireton and Alissa Martin LCB, CCS, CES from the Ascent Group.

Sara & Alissa have been working with Jeff Tan, Austin Chua, and Therese Alcalde for the last 2 years to identify automation opportunities and drive the adoption of all our document automation products.

Ascent's international forwarding department, as an innovative and forward-looking forwarder, subscribes to all of Expedock’s automation products for accounting, import, and brokerage operations.

Our founders love visiting customers because they are able to learn problems from side conversations in between the official agenda.

One problem that was surfaced out during a side discussion was the problem of knowing which Arrival Notices to pay based on the most up-to-date ETA of the shipment on Cargowise.

This was critical to have in place by the time their new hires in accounting join so they can build good process & habits at the start of training and development. Thus ensuring that the new team would not pay too early and not too late.

Because Expedock already automates the data entry and auditing of Arrival Notices of Ascent, the founding team was able to build an MVP of a data product on top of the existing infrastructure for Ascent that could fulfill this need within a week of the meeting.

Our founders believed that what Expedock ultimately provides for Forwarders is the ability to re-allocate their time to higher leverage work. Documentation automation is simply a subset of what Expedock truly provides to the forwarding market.

Thank you, Sara Ireton and Alissa Martin LCB, CCS, CES for being partners and co-designers to Expedock!

Our founders loved Nashville Hot Chicken and will always drive to you regardless of flight cancellations!

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