Customer Visits | June 29, 2022

Clear Freight

Our customer roadshow continues on the west coast with our founders, Jeff Tan & Jig Young, dropping by the Clear Freight office in Los Angeles for a business review with the accounting, import operations, customs brokerage, and IT departments.

Office visits are always amazing because our customers are able to spend an hour with our team to whiteboard and shape the future of Freight Forwarding.

In the meeting, our founders learned the impact of Expedock on different teams:

Learning #1: According to their IT Director, Clear Freight left their previous technology providers because the development speed was too slow to cover everyday freight use cases. They decided on Expedock because we could support Statements of Accounts (a document no one in the freight automation market can process).

Learning #2: According to their operations team, Expedock saves each individual operators at least 10-12 hours which means they no longer do over time and can focus on:

Learning #3: According to their operations managers, Expedock has become a real differentiator for their team to importers & exporters as they are now able to focus on quickly responding to customer calls & inquiries while resolving freight-related issues because they no longer have to think about manual documentation work.

We love the fact that we're not only there to show our impact on their business, but our customers are always more than willing to share their perspectives on our business impact!

Looking forward to replicating the success in the LA branch to all the other branches across North America!

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Some of our freight operators are overworked from the amount of data entry and rote work on their desk. With Expedock, they now cry tears of joy when they see Expedock process a 38 page commercial invoice at 99.97% accuracy.
Pam Berry
VP Import Operations, Mallory
We’re not hiring 100 people, we’re using Expedock to turn our superstar team of freight and brokerage operators into superhumans who can focus on customer service and revenue.
Terry Maready
Chief Information Officer, Mallory
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