Expedock Artificial Intelligence

How we work: Expedock AI instantly captures data from freight docs.

Expedock Document Nuance Technology™ has been trained to understand “key”:value pairings in bill of ladings, airway bills, and invoices regardless of template.

This means our Artificial Intelligence understands the context of any new freight document given to it and knows that the text “Bill of Lading Number” corresponds to the field “Bill_of_lading_No”.

It will then extract the value “L18-006099” based on it’s understanding of positioning of values in different documents.
By training our documents with the data from our freight partners and customers, we have achieved upwards 90% accuracy in data extraction.

We work with your technology teams to seamlessly integrate this state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology into your workflows by providing simple APIs or a web application interface.

Demo Video: AI Document Conversion into a Customs Declaration Website

How Expedock is Different: Comparing Expedock AI Service with Others

Optical Character Recognition

Memorizes format to extract characters.

No understanding of fields or document structure.

No learning as more documents are processed.

Expedock AI Service

Can be given any format.

Understands Freight Document Field & Key structure.

Learns as it processes more documents.

Robotic Process Automation

Data Entry is automated.

No data extraction. 

No data verification.

Requires extensive setup for each workflow - 3 to 6 months

Updates to business logic requires long planning cycles. Slow response to change. 

Capital Intensive (CAPEX Required) 

Expedock AI Service

Data Entry is automated.

Data Extraction is automated.

Data Verification is integrated.

Can get started immediately with email forwarding

Flexible to changing requirements of business.  

No Capital Required.

Other AI Solutions

Capped at 80% accuracy (not reliable).

No human verification.

No data entry.

Does not build integrations with your freight systems and customs portals.

Expedock AI Service

Can reach 100% accuracy with human verification double blind process.

Verification is part of service.

Data entry is part of service.

Builds integrations to freight systems and custom portals. 

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