“We’re on track to stop losses of more than half a million dollars as a result of Expedock’s AI Service.”

Lance Beresnoy, VP

Rose Containerline Inc.


US$ 16,000

In discrepancies identified with root cause identification

50% increase

In Operator Accrual Compliance

US$ 2,000

In additional revenue identified due to drayage accrual overestimation.

3-5 days

Cash flow cycle improved by 3 to 5 days with entry & reconciliation automation for invoices without discrepancies.


Rose Containerline, Inc. is the global, New York-based NVOCC—handling both export and import cargo. With 30 years of trusted business representation spanning across 50 countries in 5 continents, Rose ships cargo virtually anywhere throughout the world—by sea, air and land. They assist in all aspects of international transportation encompassing import and export, LCL or FCL. They also offer same-day competitive pricing by leveraging their buying power across the entire logistics spectrum—with sea cargo carriers, truck lines and air cargo.
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Rose Containerline had difficulty extracting thousands of drayage invoices, auditing them if the rates and invoices are valid, and entering them into CargoWise.

Aside from the difficulty in processing invoices at scale, the operators of Rose Containerline would do the following:  

A. Not enter accrual information for the shipment
B. Enter everything as a lump sum instead of breaking down line items
C. Enter the wrong charge code in the accrual stage for line items

the solution

Expedock solved Rose Containerline’s problem through an end-to-end vendor invoice processing solution.

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We provide an end-to-end AI automation service.

Extract Any Data

Our AI technology can extract and digitize data from any unstructured source, such as PDFs, XLS and emails with 99.97% accuracy guaranteed. No template setup required.

Flag Exceptions

Expedock’s technology will automatically reconcile documentation and find mission critical exceptions in real-time as they come. With our technology, you’re able to reconcile document data with information from your TMS, RMS, other documents, third party websites and more.

Connecting Data

We can send data to your TMS or ERP after the data is reconciled. We have a list of integrations that work out of the box or you can use our standard schema where you can export all of this data via XLS, JSON, CSV, XML and more!

See our list of integrations below.

Data Insight

Increased visibility will allow your team to negotiate with your vendors  — helping you make better business decisions. Stop being blind with your team and vendors’ performance.
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