Stop Wasting Time on Entering and Reconciling Bills

Automate Vendor Billing Entry& Reconciliation to allow you to focus on exceptions and discrepancies that matter

Stop Wasting Time Chasing After Billing Data

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“Expedock has allowed us to expand our operations by freeing up time for our AP & Operations team to focus on revenue generating activities. We’re on track to save 80% in OPEX as a result of Expedock’s AI Service. The onboarding process and continuous service is smooth and efficient!”
"As a traditional forwarder in Italy, we need to go digital in able to provide a better service to our customers and to reduce all costs in documentation department team."
“After talking to your competitors for 3 years, we finally found you! Your team is building a crucial piece of infrastructure for the future of shipping.”
“Bookings with Expedock gave cost savings and increased our productivity by 30%, not even counting the increase in sales revenue! We are working with Expedock now to enhance our BoL processing as well.”
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Data is Fragmented

Your Vendor & Operations Data are in emails, documents, notes, accounting & transport management systems.

  • Reconciling Vendor Bills against another data source takes up 20 - 40% of your time.

  • When this process gets delayed, your collections increase by 15 - 45 days -- severely impacting your cash flow.

  • Because of the complexity of manual reconciliation, it's easy to miss out on opportunities to increase your margin as a result of late disputes and pass throughs.

Reconcile Actual Events vs Billed Charges

Connect Your Transport & Rates Management Systems


Integrate your system data with vendor bills and unstructured data

Automate Doc Classification, Data Extraction & Entry

With Expedock Artificial Intelligence, we can extract data from your documents from vendors and reconcile that against your system data.

Statement of Account
Drayage Invoice
Steamship Line Invoice
Delivery Order
Arrival Notice
Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoice
Port Receipt
Port Receipts
Bill of Lading
Master/House Bill of Lading

We have the expertise on Artificial Intelligence & Freight to deliver

Rui Aguiar, CTO

Rui worked in Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Group at Stanford which is one of the world's most well renowned research groups.

He worked on Computer Vision technology in the Stanford Hospital and has helped save countless lives. His published research can be found here.

Rui combines research with engineering experience from some of the world's top tech companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Stripe.

King Alandy Dy, CEO

King grew up in a family of shippers learning about international container trade. He also did AI research in Stanford University while studying engineering. He was awarded by Harvard SIC as a Global Trailblazer.

His background allows him to come in with deep expertise in logistics and artificial intelligence.

Jefferson Tan, COO

Jeff’s family is one of the largest forwarder in the Philippines and he managed the operations in the business. He has worked in freight forwarders based in Shanghai and Manila, where he handled tens of thousands of shipments.

He worked on Computer Vision technology in the Stanford Hospital and has helped save countless lives. His published research can be found here.

Rui combines research with engineering experience from some of the world's top tech companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Stripe.

Simon Tan, Freight Expert

Simon brings 20+ years of leadership experience in the global logistics and supply chain industry to the Expedock team.

He has transformed the operations of small, medium, and large regional and global companies, including DB Schenker, Expeditors, and OIA Global

His background will not only enable us to add value to your business through operational excellence, but also connect you with his strong network of leaders in the industry

With Team Experience from

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) VS Expedock AI Service?

Robotic Process Automation

Data Entry is automated.

No data extraction. 

No data verification.

Requires extensive setup for each workflow - 3 to 6 months

Updates to business logic requires long planning cycles. Slow response to change. 

Capital Intensive (CAPEX Required) 

Expedock AI Service

Data Entry is automated.

Data Extraction is automated.

Data Verification is integrated.

Can get started immediately with email forwarding

Flexible to changing requirements of business.  

No Capital Required.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) VS Expedock AI Service?

Optical Character Recognition

Memorizes format to extract characters.

No understanding
of fields or document structure.

No learning
as more documents are processed.

Expedock AI Service

Can be given any format.

Understands Freight Document Field & Key structure.

Learns as it processes more documents.
Other AI Providers VS Expedock AI Service?

Other AI Solutions

Capped at 80% accuracy (not reliable).

No human verification.

No data entry. 

Does not build integrations
with your freight systems and customs portals.

Expedock AI Service

Can reach 100% accuracy with human verification double blind process.

Verification is part of service.

Data entry is part of service.

Builds integrations
to freight systems and custom portals. 
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