What makes Expedock different

Unlock Business Growth with AI-Powered Industry Insights and Recommendations

Generate New Leads with Our Industry Insights

Unlock growth opportunities in your import operations with our tailored industry insights. Get access to top importers, valuable contact information and shipment volume analysis by trade lane, importer and category to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Our data set is currently limited to sea imports into the US.

Maximize Your Margins with AI Powered Recommendations

Using AI, we pinpoint the key variables that have the most impact on your margins. We can tell you that optimizing weight & volume is more likely to improve your company's margin than optimizing routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Expedock work?

Expedock AI can extract and reconcile any unstructured data and post data directly onto any TMS (Transportation Management System).

All you have to do is forward your documents to Expedock and we will take care of the rest!

How do you ensure 99.97% accuracy?

Our human-in-the-loop service can verify AI outputs to ensure 99.97% accuracy from Day 1.

Our team trains the AI, not yours.

What is required from us to integrate with Expedock?

We need to be able to receive data from your TMS so that we can flag discrepancies, check for existing shipments, and generally find the right records to modify or upload attachments to.

  • For Cargowise users: we either need your e-adaptor to send XMLs to our server, or you could provide us with access to your Cargowise read-only database.
  • For non-Cargowise users (custom TMS, Shipthis, Magaya, etc.): we need a test environment so that we can send test data and modify as necessary. We may need documentation and/or resources to answer our questions about the technical details of the system we’re integrating.
  • We need to be able to send data to your TMS via an API.
  • We need a test user account so that we can replicate how an end user would see the effect of our integration as closely as possible.

How frequently is the data updated?

It depends on the integration method.

  • For outbound e-adapter and middleware: The data is updated as close as real-time.
  • For SQL database: The standard is 30 minutes, but can be adjusted to be faster depending on your needs as there is an associated marginal cost for every update.

How does the filtering feature work?

You can filter the data by:

  • Routes
  • Customers (local clients, shippers, etc.)
  • Operators
  • Branches
  • Transport Mode (Air / SEA)
  • Container Mode (FCL / LCL)

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