August 3, 2022

The Top 20 Freight Market News Publications for Freight Forwarders

Check out Expedock's list of the top 20 freight news publications that freight forwarders should subscribe to in 2022.

As the world of logistics and transportation continues to evolve at a dizzying rate, it is now more important than ever for freight forwarders to stay on top of freight market news. From updates about new technologies that are driving the digital revolution in the freight forwarding industry to reports on freight forwarding challenges and headwinds that are on the horizon, there is a lot of value to be gained by following freight industry news.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the top freight news publications and sources that freight forwarders should follow in 2022.

The Top 20 Freight Market News Publications for Freight Forwarders to Follow

1. Maritime Executive

Founded in 1997, Maritime Executive is a publication that follows the "case study" approach of the Harvard Business Review, providing detailed evaluations of new practices, trends, and technologies. Today, Maritime Executive is the largest audited circulation of freight market news in the maritime industry. The publication’s print version is published six times a year. Maritime Executive also offers a companion online newsletter released six days a week and frequent blog articles posted on the Maritime Executive website.

2-4. Marine Link | Maritime Reporter | MarineNews

Marine Link is the online home for the Maritime Reporter and MarineNews magazines. With the Maritime Reporter published first in 1881, it now stands as one of the oldest freight market news publications in circulation today. Along with offering digital editions of both magazines, the Marine Link website also provides frequent blog posts, news updates, and videos.

5. Loadstar

Loadstar is a publication that covers all things supply chain management and publishes articles on air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, and general supply chain management. In 2018, Loadstar launched Loadstar Premium — a subscription service that provides users with premium freight market news and supply chain management content. This was followed in 2021 by the launch of the Loadstar Podcast, which features news and debate from Loadstar's global team of journalists as well as interviews with the world’s leading freight executives and analysts.

6. Journal of Commerce

Journal of Commerce (JOC) is one of the leading providers of business intelligence, data, and news covering container shipping and the logistics industry. Along with providing insightful studies and timely news updates on everything from rail transport to port productivity to LTL shipping, the JOC is also the provider of PIERS — a comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade that freight forwarders can use to make data-driven business decisions.

7. Splash 24/7

The flagship title of Asia Shipping Media, Splash 24/7, covers timely and insightful freight market news from the global maritime industry. As the name suggests, Splash 24/7 publishes these news updates around the clock, making it easy for freight forwarders to stay up to date with what is happening worldwide in real-time.

8. Logistics Matter

Logistics Matter is an online supply chain and logistics platform founded by Martijn Graat to cover new technologies and breaking news related to the global logistics industry. Along with overseeing the Logistics Matter website, Graat is also the host of the Does Logistics Matter? podcast, where he interviews thought leaders in the industry to glean their expertise and insights on freight market news and more.

9. Maritime Logistics Professional

With 28,993 members, Maritime Logistics Professional is the world's largest networking group in the maritime industry. In addition to serving as a platform where freight forwarders can network with other logistics professionals, Maritime Logistics Professional also publishes both a print and online magazine that covers a wide variety of global maritime and logistics news.

10. Marine Log Magazine | America's Leading Maritime Magazine

Dating back to 1878, Marine Log Magazine is one of the oldest maritime publications still in circulation today. In 1996, the publication launched the Marine Log Magazine website, and in 2006, a digital version of the magazine debuted. Marine Log Magazine covers everything from shipbuilding to island and coastal transportation to maritime safety.

11. Pacific Maritime Magazine

Founded in 1983, Pacific Maritime Magazine is the world's only maritime publication specifically targeting commercial vessel operators and terminal operators located on the West Coast. Subscribers can access the magazine's current and past issues on the PCM website, which also publishes frequent blog posts that anyone can read regardless of whether they subscribe to the magazine.

12. Maritime Magazine

Over the past 25 years, Maritime Magazine has published over 100 editions of its magazine circulated across five continents. On the Maritime Magazine website, freight forwarders can access past and current editions of the magazine, timely updates, blog posts, and a lively forum to engage with other industry leaders regarding freight market news.

13. Supply Chain Dive

Industry Dive is a media company that offers publications covering a wide range of industries. Supply Chain Dive is the company's publication covering all things related to supply chain management. Blog posts on the Supply Chain Dive website and its accompanying newsletter articles cover a broad range of supply chain topics, including logistics, freight news, operations, procurement, regulation, technology, and more.

14. FreightWaves

Founded in 2016, FreightWaves is one of our list’s newer freight market news publications. In the few short years of operation, the website has already carved out a reputation for providing high-quality data and insightful analysis that freight forwarders can use to optimize their operations. In fact, it took less than a year for FreightWaves to become the world’s second-most trafficked freight industry news website.

15. gCaptain

gCaptain was founded in 2007 by Captain John Konrad and has since become a leading source for maritime news, information, and networking. On the gCaptain website, you will find thousands of articles covering a wide variety of maritime industry topics, including shipbuilding, ocean freight transportation, port operations, cruise ships, piracy, and more. The website also hosts an active forum that serves as a place where maritime industry professionals can come together to discuss new ideas, important events, and freight news.

16. Food Logistics

As the name suggests, Food Logistics is a publication that covers topics related to supply chain management for food and beverage companies. The Food Logistics magazine is circulated to over 26,000 supply chain executives in the global food and beverages industry and is published ten times a year. The Food Logistics website, meanwhile, publishes frequent blog articles, podcasts, and webinars covering everything from food and beverage warehousing to sustainability practices.

17. Logistics Viewpoints

The ARC Advisory Group launched Logistics Viewpoints in 2009. The publication is led by ARC supply chain and logistics analysts Steve Banker, Clint Reiser, and Chris Cunnane, who bring more than 40 years of combined experience in logistics research. Along with publishing countless blog articles on the Logistics Viewpoints website that cover a broad range of supply chain management topics, Logistics Viewpoint is also the host of the Masters of Disaster podcast, which covers risk, ethics, and compliance in the logistics industry.

18. Shipping and Freight Resource

After spending over 30 years working in the shipping and freight industry, Hariesh Manaadiar founded Shipping and Freight Resource in 2009. This website provides informative content on shipping and freight, maritime, logistics, supply chain management, and international trade. Shipping and Freight Resource also offers marketing services to logistics companies looking to reach new customers.

19. Forto

More than a media organization, Forto is a company that sells logistics software. However, the Forto blog publishes so much high-quality and insightful content that it more than earns a spot on our list of the best publications for freight forwarders to follow for freight market news. On the Forto blog, you will find countless articles covering a wide range of shipping and supply chain management topics - all of which feature enlightening analyses of the latest freight industry news.

20. Bulk Transporter

Bulk Transporter is a publication that covers news and analysis pertinent to the trucking industry. The print version of the Bulk Transporter magazine is published each month, and the publication also offers a free email newsletter that is published each week. If you want to stay updated on the ground transport side of supply chain management, subscribing to either the Bulk Transporter magazine, newsletter or both is a great option to consider for following freight industry news.

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International freight is a relationship-based business, with hundreds of thousands of freight forwarders helping millions of shippers move goods daily to satisfy the retailers and consumers that drive global economies. It’s a world where fortune favors the prepared mind. That’s why we’ve provided this top list of industry publications and sources forwarders can follow to keep up with the latest freight market news, trends, and insights. Success also rests on unlocking the insights hidden in your supply chain data. We can help there too. Request your free quote today to learn more about how Expedock AI and automation can transform your business and forge deeper relationships with your supply chain partners.

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