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Experience AI technology that streamlines all logistics workflows with Expedock.

trusted by Freight forwarders on cargowise globally

“Expedock has allowed us to expand our operations to handle more business. We’re on track to stop losses of more than half a million dollars as a result of Expedock’s AI Service.”
Lance Beresnoy
Lance Beresnoy, VP and Owner
Rose Containerline Inc.
"As a traditional forwarder in Italy, we need to go digital in able to provide a better service to our customers and to reduce all costs."
Alessandra Fremura
Alessandra Fremura, CEO and Owner
Fremura group
“Expedock gave cost savings and increased our productivity by 30%, not even counting the increase in sales revenue!”
Joey Lim
Joey Lim, Director


Automate Shipment and Consol Creation

Re-allocate your staff to revenue generating activities.

Expedock transforms your booking confirmation and shipping instructions into Shipments and Consolidations on your Transport Management System.

Report accurately on your line item cost

Know exactly what you are paying for - no matter what type of invoice you get. 

Get line item analytics such as Profit Sharing with agents, AMS & VGM Fillings, Document Handling Fees, etc.

Types of Invoices and Documents Included:

  • Agent Invoices
  • Customs Broker Invoices
  • Steamship Line Invoices
  • Trucking Invoices
  • Others

Extraction of Data from Invoice

Automate rate reconciliation

Audit against accessorial fees and your Rates Management System at 100% accuracy so that your shipments are always released on time. 

Instantly find out which 90% of Arrival Notices are ready to pay. 

Focus on the 10% with discrepancies through Expedock Dashboards.

Types of Invoices and Documents Included:

  • Arrival Notices
  • Airline Invoices
  • Steamship Line Invoices
  • Trucking Invoices
  • Others

Reconcile invoice against what happened

Instantly calculate and pass through the unexpected charges of your shipment against track & trace and warehouse & port receipts. 

Flag duplicate charges for demurrage & detention fees from a drayage company & ocean carrier. 

Types of Invoices and Documents Included:

  • Airline Invoices
  • Customs Broker Invoices
  • Steamship Line Invoices
  • Trucking Invoices
  • Others
Reconcile Data from Delivery Order and Track and Trace Site

Instantly audit statement of accounts from your vendors

Expedock is the only software company in the world that can automate the extraction of invoices from statement of accounts.

We automate the creation of the payable invoices on Cargowise, audit them against accruals of existing shipments, and post them for you once approved.


We provide an end-to-end AI automation service.

Extract Any Data

Our AI technology can extract and digitize data from any unstructured source, such as PDFs, XLS and emails with 99.97% accuracy guaranteed. No template setup required.

Flag Exceptions

Expedock’s technology will automatically reconcile documentation and find mission critical exceptions in real-time as they come. With our technology, you’re able to reconcile document data with information from your TMS, RMS, other documents, third party websites and more.

Connecting Data

We can send data to your TMS or ERP after the data is reconciled. We have a list of integrations that work out of the box or you can use our standard schema where you can export all of this data via XLS, JSON, CSV, XML and more!

See our list of integrations below.

Data Insight

Increased visibility will allow your team to negotiate with your vendors  — helping you make better business decisions. Stop being blind with your team and vendors’ performance.


AI/OCR Software
Expedock AI Service
99.97% Accuracy
High Variance
Consistent Delivery
Cost Savings
no staff reallocated
labor savings
Employee Salary
$1500 per head
Requires Staff to Scale
Requires Training of Staff
(Existing and New)
Training Cost of New Staff
$1000 per head
Set-up Cost
$5000 one time fee
Document Template Setup
Requires Process  Change
Work around their system
Embeds into your workflow
Exception Resolution Dashboard
Extraction, Entry, Audit / Reconciliation,
Quality Assurance, Discrepancy Flagging and Reporting
Your company staff uses software to execute
Expedock automates on your behalf



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