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What Our Customers Say About Us

Expedock Dashboard is a great tool that provides us with visibility about our performance, data, and trends. In one place we have everything that we need for further analysis.

Using a dashboard, we have numerous ways to check our KPIs. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, it is highly customizable, so we can raise specific requests and the Expedock team will do it for us.
Roman Levchuk
Continuous Improvement Manager, ClearFreight

We tried a software-only provider before, but they were not able to process live files after months of trying to get onboarded. Hence, we reached out to Expedock. We were onboarded to Expedock within a month, and they cover all the use cases we need!

Joseph Mazzuca
Project Manager, CastleGate

Unlike other solutions, Expedock is able to extract and process all my payable invoices from Day 1 at 99.97% accuracy. All I need to do is to forward my documents to them.

Expedock saved our company. We would have not survived the pandemic without them. We were able to enter and reconcile 3000 invoice line items in week 1. Expedock helped us save 500K USD in OPEX that we were able to re-allocate to growing our business.


Lance Beresnoy
VP, Rose Container Inc.

Expedock helped us gain visibility on our margins upon billing and pay our vendors on time. With Expedock, we no longer lose trucking capacity due to late vendor payments.


Jack Chang
President, JUSDA Freight Services

We love that Expedock required much less set-up from our side. We now embed Expedock into our workflows and are looking for ways to increase projects with them so we can grow our business without adding headcount.

The most important thing I love about Expedock is our communication between each other as partners. Jeff, Austin, and Therese from their operations team work closely with us to automate our processes from import to domestic accounting and freight operations.


Sara Ireton
Senior Director, Ascent Global Logistics

How We Benefit Your Teams

We Speed Up Your Freight Processes

For Accounting Teams

Stop spending time chasing after your operators

For Finance Teams

Have a clear view of P&L and margin per shipment

For Operations Teams

Automate exceptions, allowing more time for customer service

Popular Workflows

Set Up Once and Automate All The Freight Processes

Example Workflow: If the shipment and accrual are on TMS, we extract, audit, and autopost FCL invoices on TMS

  • Once you’ve set it up, the entry, reconciliation, and posting takes 1 min of your time to forward us the invoice.
  • Expedock uses References Keys to find the right shipments on TMS.
  • The invoice will be reconciled against accrual for the corresponding shipment.

View FCL AP Automation Solution ->

View LCL AP Automation Solution ->

Example Workflow: Extract, reconcile, and autopost commercial invoices and packing lists on any TMS

  • Once you’ve set it up, it only takes 1 min of your time to forward the document packet to Expedock.
  • Expedock merges data from commercial invoices and packing lists into any TMS.

How To Get Started


Connect with Expedock solutions representative to discover and co-design a solution


Forward Expedock API documentation to your IT team and contact us if you have any questions


Start automating your freight processes and enjoy the benefits of automation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Expedock work?

Expedock AI can extract and reconcile any unstructured data and post data directly onto any TMS (Transportation Management System).

All you have to do is forward your documents to Expedock and we will take care of the rest!

What makes Expedock different from other similar products?

Expedock enables:

  1. Consistent accuracy of 99.7%
  2. High flexibility when exceptions occur
  3. Labor savings of 30-80% because your staff can be reallocated completely to higher-value tasks such as customer service and sales.

How do you ensure 99.97% accuracy?

Our human-in-the-loop service can verify AI outputs to ensure 99.97% accuracy from Day 1.

Our team trains the AI, not yours.

What are your automation products?

Here are all the workflows that we can automate:

  • Accounts Payable Automation
    • FCL AP InvoicesLCL AP Invoices
    • Monthly Statements (SOA)
    • Customs Files
  • Shipment and Consol Creation and Amendment
    • For import documents
    • For export documents
  • Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists Entry
  • eDocs Classification and Uploading

What if my team uses a TMS that is not listed on this page?

Our API enables your team to integrate Expedock with any TMS. Contact us for support and get more details.

Ready to Automate Your Freight Processes?

Let Expedock handle the hard work so that you can reallocate your staff time to higher-value tasks such as customer service, sales, collections, payments, and billing.

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