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Expedock Dashboard is a great tool that provides us with visibility about our performance, data, and trends. In one place we have everything that we need for further analysis.

Using a dashboard, we have numerous ways to check our KPIs. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, it is highly customizable, so we can raise specific requests and the Expedock team will do it for us.
Roman Levchuk
Continuous Improvement Manager, ClearFreight

Because Expedock saves my customs and import team 10-15 hours a week, we can now focus on learning new regulations, customer service & troubleshooting, and expediting billing.

Having Expedock helps us differentiate ourselves from our customers because our team can focus on what they do best. My superstar team is now superhuman with Expedock.


Sophia Ko
Import & Customs Manager, ClearFreight Los Angles

Some of our freight operators cry from the amount of data entry and rote work, and now they cry from joy when they see Expedock process a 38-page commercial invoice at 99.97% accuracy.


Pam Berry
VP Import Operations, Mallory

Why Automate Your Workflows

More Time and Productivity With Less Work

10 hrs

being saved
per week, per employee

On average, you can save 1-2 hours per day and finish everything in your work time.

$ 20K

of costs being saved
per year

You can eliminate costs from salaries, expenses, training, and management time by reducing your headcount.


of time being reallocated to higher priority tasks

Now you can focus on customer service and sales.

What We Do

Avoid Unnecessary Blocks in The Delivery of Goods


Integrate With Any TMS You Use

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Expedock work?

Expedock AI can extract and reconcile any unstructured data and post data directly onto any TMS (Transportation Management System).

All you have to do is forward your documents to Expedock and we will take care of the rest!

How do you ensure 99.97% accuracy?

Our human-in-the-loop service can verify AI outputs to ensure 99.97% accuracy from Day 1.

Our team trains the AI, not yours.

How do you know what shipment to attach to a consol?

MBL and HBL are sent together in the pre-alert from the origin forwarder. We use the MBL to create the consol, and the HBLs in the pre-alert are usually the shipments associated with the MBL. They should share the same route, container number, etc.

When HBL is sent separately, the body of the e-mail usually contains reference numbers such as the MBL number or Container number that enable us to do the association.

Can you link a shipment to a consol?

Yes. We usually receive document packets from agents with all the related house bills and master bills. From there, our AI can make the inference around relationships.

What is your turnaround time for air and ocean freight?

  • 2 - 4 hours for air freight
  • 6 - 8 hours for ocean freight

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