Shipment Visibility Platform

Deliver unparalleled customer service through self-service container tracking

Empower clients with intuitive shipment tracking, ensuring retention and unlocking revenue potential.

Trusted By Air, Ocean, Import, and Export Freight Forwarders Globally

Enable your customers to track their shipments with ease

Help your customers manage by exception

Allow your customers to anticipate changes and challenges by viewing the latest updates on their shipment schedules and exceptions

Allow customers to access critical shipment information anytime they need

Empower your customers to track where their shipments are, when they will arrive, and provide them easy access to relevant documents to improve their logistics management

Provide increased visibility on your customer's business performance

Enable your customers to view insights on their shipment volume breakdown and top performing routes, and more

Empower customers to personalize reports and view the insights they need

Allow your customers to generate custom reports through editable filters and columns.

Unlock more with Shipment Visibility + Freight BI bundle

Subscribe to both our Shipment Visibility and Freight Business Intelligence Tools to ensure critical shipment information is entered accurately and on time.

Improve your Cargowise data using Freight BI to provide better reporting for your customers
Ensure that your customers see accurate and timely information on your Shipment Visibility platform by monitoring your team's data entries from Freight BI
Get alerted on mandatory fields that might be missing or incorrect
Know which team members are not filling on time
Know which fields are not being filled in so you can improve your SOPs.

Customer Success Stories

What Our Customers Say About Us

Expedock Dashboard is a great tool that provides us with visibility about our performance, data, and trends. In one place we have everything that we need for further analysis.

Using a dashboard, we have numerous ways to check our KPIs. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, it is highly customizable, so we can raise specific requests and the Expedock team will do it for us.
Roman Levchuk
Continuous Improvement Manager, ClearFreight

Because Expedock saves my customs and import team 10-15 hours a week, we can now focus on learning new regulations, customer service & troubleshooting, and expediting billing.

Having Expedock helps us differentiate ourselves from our customers because our team can focus on what they do best. My superstar team is now superhuman with Expedock.


Sophia Ko
Import & Customs Manager, ClearFreight Los Angles

Some of our freight operators cry from the amount of data entry and rote work, and now they cry from joy when they see Expedock process a 38-page commercial invoice at 99.97% accuracy.


Pam Berry
VP Import Operations, Mallory

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the platform work?

On the log out view, your customers can enter the reference key for the shipment they want to track. From the results, click on a shipment they want to review, this will redirect them to a comprehensive view of the shipment. They can see the current status, location, important milestones and other shipment information.

To access more information and features on the platform, they may log in.

What reference keys can my customers use to search?

Your customers can use the shipment’s HBL (House Bill of Lading), MBL (Master Bill of Lading), Container Number, Consol Number, Purchase Order (PO) Number, and Reference Number.

Who can my customers reach out to when they can't find a shipment?

If you or your customer can't locate a shipment, you may reach out to and we'll be ready to assist.

Where is the shipment information coming from?

The data your customers see on the Shipment Visibility platform is sourced directly from Cargowise.

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