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It used to take us 3 days to reconcile a monthly statement against what’s been posted in the system. Expedock came in and automated our workflows. They are the only technology provider who can review the same document and audit against 2 or more Cargowise modules.

Josephine Basit

Accounting Manager, ClearFreight Los Angeles

How We Benefit Your Teams

We Speed Up Your Monthly Statement Process

For Accounting Teams

Stop rushing at the end of the month to bill & pay and confidently hit your billing KPIs

For Managers

Reallocate your staff’s time to higher-value tasks such as collections, payments, and billing

Expedock Process

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What Makes Us Different

We Ensure 99.97% Accuracy and 100% Automation Coverage for Accounts Payable

Software Only Provider
Auto post into any TMS
Highly customisable
to your process
Only when totals match
Line items auditing
Lump sum reconciliation
of multiple invoices
Batch invoice
Enter and reconcile
monthly statements
P&L insights
Full Coverage
Discrepancy and Margins
Full coverage
for payables
100% automation
~ 25% coverage
Only for simple invoices with totals matched


Integrate With Any TMS You Use

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Expedock work?

Expedock AI can extract and reconcile any unstructured data and post data directly onto any TMS (Transportation Management System).

All you have to do is forward your documents to Expedock and we will take care of the rest!

How do you ensure 99.97% accuracy?

Our human-in-the-loop service can verify AI outputs to ensure 99.97% accuracy from Day 1. Our team trains the AI, not yours.

Do you support E-Documents?

Yes. We support all the Shipment, Consol, Brokerage, and Payables Modules.

How do you handle multiple currency invoices and exchange rates?

If there are multiple line items with different currencies on an invoice, Expedock will look for a converted value (i.e., USD converted into EUR) and we will use the currency and converted value that corresponds to the currency on the total.If there is no converted value, we will look for an exchange rate and apply the conversion.

Where do you get the accruals from to do your reconciliation?

We’ll get it from your TMS if your team has put them in. If it's not in your TMS, your team would be notified via email and dashboard to approve the invoice before we post it onto your TMS.

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Let Expedock handle the hard work so that you can reallocate your time to higher-value tasks
such as collections, payments, and billing.

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