January 22, 2021

Your Reliable and Trusted Supply Chain Technology Partner in Workflow Automation

Experience 20-80% cost savings in your supply chain through our workflow automation

As the supply chain and logistics industry rapidly evolves and gears towards the technological landscape, more transactions and processes are being digitized. Some of these include the processing, tracking, planning, and managing workflows. This allows for a cohesive and visible supply chain grounded on and fostered by collaboration leading to optimized business performance.  

From our previous blog on How to Digitize Your Logistics: Supply Chain Technology Trends 2021, industry experts namely Jack Chang, Managing Director, JUSDA USA and Bernie Hart, VP Customs & Trade Business Development, Flexport emphasized on the need for a reliable supply chain partner, who can aid businesses in the introduction and implementation of digital workflows for operational efficiency. 

One of the trusted partners of supply chain companies ranging from freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, ports, and logistics consolidators, Expedock, has been reinventing and transforming both the ocean freight and air freight’s technological landscape with its end to end service from AI extraction, quality assurance all through workflow automation. 

With global supply chain complexities, most traditional businesses are still left with manual document processing by extracting data from physical documents which is painful, expensive and time consuming. Expedock removes all these pain points and roadblocks so you can focus more on running your business and growth strategies. 

Expedock: Your Reliable and Trusted Supply Chain Technology Partner 

Expedock is the AI-powered automation service provider behind some of the leading players in the 7 trillion USD global supply chain. We are on a mission to build the powerful data infrastructure that will drive unprecedented efficiency and profitability to all players in the industry. 

Thousands of freight and cargo containers are now being moved internationally via Expedock every week through our technology that eliminates inefficiencies by automating the manual processing and inputting of data into various systems at 99.99% accuracy guaranteed. This is happening without the need to increase OPEX and hire additional staff, which is made possible through AI and RPA automation. 

Expedock’s international team of Stanford AI experts and logistics executives, backed by Tencent Holdings co-founder Liqing Zeng, Bain Capital, and Pear, among others, is committed to transforming the future of supply chain and logistics, one business at a time. 

At a Glance: Expedock’s Automation Services 

Delivering end to end supply chain service, we turn your manual physical documents into automated workflows. Here are the few simple steps: 

  1. Send your documents to us which takes a minute or less 
  2. Expedock’s Artificial Intelligence extracts data with 85-95% accuracy 
  3. Our AI matches keys to values with no template required 
  4. We do QA for AI training with 99.9% accuracy 
  5. We automate your business process with your turnaround time for Accounting, Shipment Operations, PO Management and Compliance categories

Some supply chain documents our AI has mastered so far include: 

  • Bill of Lading
  • Airway Bills 
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders 
  • Packing Lists 
  • Arrival Notices / Carrier Booking
  • Custom Document Types 

Experience 20-80% Savings via “Pay per shipment processed” 

With our technology, we can offer you this new business model that can save you 20-80% annual savings on data extraction and entry costs. Hence, you may say goodbye to: 

  • Per hour charging 
  • Per staff charging 
  • Overtime pay 
  • Time differential pay 
  • Being charged when you do less business 
  • Planning for seasonal staff rotations 

We look forward to being your supply chain partner. Please click on CONTACT US so a member of our team may get in touch with you.

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