Digital BPO

Offshore your freight operations to Expedock's BPO powered by AI

Outsource complex tasks requiring human expertise and gain full visibility on their productivity with our analytics.

Trusted By Air, Ocean, Import, and Export Freight Forwarders Globally

Tasks We Automate

We automate several tasks to optimize your business processes

Import & Export

Shipment Registration / Filing
Cross Trade
Order Management (PO)
Document Allocation
Track & Trace
Container Automation
Landed Costing
Outturn Reporting
Imports Email Management
Shipment Document Chasing
Chasing EDO
ISF & AMS Filing for US
Sea & Air Cargo Reporting in AU
Shipment Registration / Filing
Export Bill of Lading
Shipping line Instructions
Export Declarations
Pre Receival Advice (PRA)

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payables
Collection Calls
Accrual Reports
Accounts / Bank Reconciliation
Timekeeping & Payroll
General Ledger Posting
Updating Currency Exchange Rates

Sales Support & Customer Service

Auto-rating Management & Maintenance
Carrier & Supplier Coordination
Quotation & Requests - Preparing & Sending Quotes
Chasing Shipping Line & Agent Rates
Entering or Updating New Rates (Lines) - Client & Supplier

Sales Development

Lead Generation
Appointment Setting

What Makes Us Different

100% visibility, swift onboarding & pre-built automation included

Generic BPO
Logistics BPO
Visibility on agent utilization & hours
20 - 75%
20 - 75%
Time to achieve high proficiency in international freight
Right from Day 1 post onboarding
Months with no training program
From Day 1
Time and effort required to onboard
Very high
Team uses pre-built AI tools to increase efficiency
Visibility on agent hours and utilization
Time to achieve high proficiency & accuracy in international freight
Right from Day 1 post-onboarding
Time and effort required to onboard
Pre-built automation tools for agents
Generic BPO
Visibility on agent hours and utilization
20 - 75%
Time to achieve high proficiency & accuracy in international freight
Months with no training program
Time and effort required to onboard
Very high
Pre-built automation tools for agents
Logistics BPO
Visibility on agent hours and utilization
20 - 75%
Time to achieve high proficiency & accuracy in international freight
From Day 1
Time and effort required to onboard
Pre-built automation tools for agents

The Expedock Digital BPO Advantage

We provide you a visibility dashboard to track the performance of our team members.

Optimize task management with real-time overviews

Easily track the status, deadlines, and priority levels of each of your BPO team’s tasks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and deadlines are consistently met.

Boost employee productivity with live KPI and SLA monitoring

Our dashboards provide real-time insights into the product, showing accuracy, output, and time utilization per individual or per team.

How It Works

How Expedock Digital BPO Works




Job posting
Pre-employment exams
Background check
Job offer


Induction & Orientation


Company overview
Introduction to freight
Process development


Client-Specific Training


Company induction and overview systems navigation
Client training
On-the-job training
KPI meeting


Post Training Support


Processing of live jobs under supervision
Performance evaluation

How We Got Here

Our Story


Founded as a technology company in San Francisco


Built software for the largest and best supply chain businesses


We realized that there are certain processes that cannot be automated, so we offer our managed services

Customer Success Stories

What Our Customers Say About Us

Expedock Dashboard is a great tool that provides us with visibility about our performance, data, and trends. In one place we have everything that we need for further analysis.

Using a dashboard, we have numerous ways to check our KPIs. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, it is highly customizable, so we can raise specific requests and the Expedock team will do it for us.
Roman Levchuk
Continuous Improvement Manager, ClearFreight

Because Expedock saves my customs and import team 10-15 hours a week, we can now focus on learning new regulations, customer service & troubleshooting, and expediting billing.

Having Expedock helps us differentiate ourselves from our customers because our team can focus on what they do best. My superstar team is now superhuman with Expedock.


Sophia Ko
Import & Customs Manager, ClearFreight Los Angles

Some of our freight operators cry from the amount of data entry and rote work, and now they cry from joy when they see Expedock process a 38-page commercial invoice at 99.97% accuracy.


Pam Berry
VP Import Operations, Mallory

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the onboarding process look like?

The onboarding process spans approximately one month and is structured as follows:

Week 1: Interviews and Hiring

Week 2-3: Expedock Induction and Orientation

Week 4: Client-Specific Training

Can we source people to work across different time zones?

Absolutely! We can facilitate individuals working across two time zones, ensuring coverage within the standard 8-hour working schedule. We'll collaborate closely to determine the optimal headcount to meet your requirements.

How will we know if our staff are being utilized?

Expedock’s technology allows us to track and measure performance. Any instances of overutilization or underutilization will be promptly flagged, and we'll work with you to implement effective solutions.

Do you have an office?

Our team operates entirely remotely, leveraging an advanced activity tracking system to gauge both AI and human resource efficiency.

Can we source one person to handle multiple functions?

Each function within our service offerings demands distinct skill sets. For instance, Operations and AP necessitate different expertise, making it impractical or costly to consolidate roles. However, for closely related or nonspecific roles, we can explore the feasibility of amalgamating responsibilities into a single position.

How quickly can you replace people who leave?

Our replacement process is swift. Each team maintains a buffer — a pre-trained individual ready to step in as needed. Additionally, we're equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances such as sick leaves or emergencies with minimal disruption.

Do you have a minimum requirement of staff sourced?

There is no minimum requirement. Whether you need just one person to support your operations or a larger team, we can accommodate your needs.

What does your setup fee cover?

The setup fee encompasses the expenses associated with recruitment, training, equipment, and onboarding for each staff member. This fee is a one-time flat rate per staff member.

Do you have a lockout period?

In the event of contract termination, we request a 90-day notice to facilitate a seamless transition. This timeframe allows for the settlement of team-related matters and ensures a smooth handover process for both parties.

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